Chapter XX: Bloodlines is the 20th chapter of The Testaments. It contains section 53-58 with Agnes and Daisy as narrator.



Section 53Edit

(Witness Testimony 369B + 369A) In Gilead, Nicole/”Jade” is weirded out by everything. She witnesses a Particicution, whereby someone is executed via Handmaids literally tearing them apart with their hands. Meanwhile, Becka and Agnes struggle with helping Nicole/”Jade” rein in her pagan beliefs.

Section 54Edit

Without permission, Agnes sneaks a look at Gilead’s Bloodlines Genealogical Archives. The Aunts keep careful records of both the official and true records, to prevent inbreeding, but Agnes has not earned access to them yet. Agnes learns that her true parents are MayDay operatives. She then finds out her mother’s second child was Baby Nicole, and there is a “top secret” note that Baby Nicole is in Gilead. She takes two pages from the files, but later destroys them.

Section 55Edit

Nicole is brought to Aunt Lydia, who admits she is the source. She then inserts a microdot into Nicole’s tattoo. She then brings Becka and Agnes in as well. She tells them that Agnes and Nicole are half-sisters, and that Jade is Baby Nicole. Lydia then asks them to help Nicole return to Canada, knowing that they will be committing treachery against Gilead. They agree.

Section 56Edit

The plan is for Agnes to accompany Nicole to Canada. Meanwhile, Nicole has been assigned to a retreat, but Becka will be the one attending. Becka is disappointed she won’t be going with them.

Section 57Edit


Section 58Edit

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