Chapter XXV: Wakeup is the 25th chapter of The Testaments. It contains section 68 with Aunt Lydia as narrator.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Aunt Imortelle is found dead in the cistern. After Commander Judd orders the deaths of Agnes and Nichole, Aunt Lydia shoots and kills him. Aunt Vidala denounces Lydia.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Section 68[edit | edit source]

In Gilead, Lydia’s plan is in motion, so she tries to ward off suspicions while she waits to see what happens. Becka, who had stopped up the water in the bathrooms, has been found dead in the cistern. This, combined with the disappearance of "Jade" and Aunt Victoria, creates wild speculation. Commander Judd not only expresses his displeasure to Aunt Lydia for the loss of Baby Nichole, he orders the deaths of Agnes and Nichole. Aunt Lydia quickly shoots and kills Commander Judd. Aunt Vidala awakens long enough to denounce Lydia as a traitor.

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