Chapter XXI: Fast and Thick is the 21th chapter of The Testaments. It contains section 59 with Aunt Lydia as narrator.


The Eyes and Angels suspect a traitor, Aunt Victoria's character is questioned, and Commander Judd decrees that he wishes to marry Nicole, complicating Aunt Lydia's plan.


Section 59Edit

(Ardua Hall) Very soon, Vidala and Helena report to Lydia that Agnes has inspected her Bloodlines files without authorization. Lydia deals with them, but soon after Judd reveals that they’ve found microdots from Mayday in the Pearl Girls’ brochures. Lydia acts surprise.

In light of these events, Judd wants Lydia to produce Nicole as soon as possible to reinforce his control over the council. Furthermore, he wants to announce that he will be marrying Nicole, so Lydia needs to quickly get rid of his current wife, Shunammite.

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