Chapter XXII: Heartstopper is the 22-th chapter of The Testaments. It contains section 60-64 with Agnes and Daisy as narrator.



Section 60 Edit

(Witness Testimony 369B + 369A) Lydia visits Agnes and Nicole to tell them of Judd’s plan. They need to leave the next morning. Becka won’t have time to go to the retreat. Instead, she’ll need to simply hide for the next 48 hours. Becka decides to hide in the water cistern. Nicole will write a note saying she’s run off to be married, to prevent them from searching Ardua Hall when they come looking for her.

Agnes and Nicole depart the next morning, with Nicole punching Vidala who tried to stop them. Lydia had warned them that Vidala might notice something was off, and that Nicole would need to physically incapacitate her.

A man drops them off at a bus stop where they are given new, non-Gilead clothes Nicole feels something catch on her tattoo as she changes. From there, they take a bus to a river.

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