Chapter XVIII: Reading Room is the 18th chapter of The Testaments. It contains section 47-51 with Agnes as narrator.


Agnes, now called Aunt Victoria, and Becka, now Aunt Imortelle, instruct "Jade" in the customs of Gilead.


Section 47Edit

(Witness Testimony 369B) It has now been nine years since Agnes became Aunt Victoria. Becka now goes by Aunt Immortelle. Agnes thinks about how the generation of Aunts that came before them are hardened and went through things that her generation was shielded from. Nicole/Jade is assigned to live with Agnes and Becka.

Section 48Edit

Agnes thinks back to when she first became an Aunt and how Becka helped her get the lay of the land. As an Aunt, they have access to a lot of information that others don’t. She remembers her faith being shaken when she realizes all the things she was lied to about.

Section 49Edit

She also remembers how files started showing up in her quarters, all containing secrets about various people. They would show up and shortly be removed. She learned about how Paula had been sleeping with Commander Kyle even before Tabitha died, and how Paula murdered her ex-husband and blamed the Handmaid. Agnes wondered if Tabitha was actually murdered. Agnes also learns about Commander Judd’s tendency to kill off his wives.

Section 50Edit


Section 51Edit

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