Chapter XII: Carpitz is the 12th chapter of The Testaments. It contains section 30-33 with Daisy as narrator.


Daisy meets with members of Mayday and agrees to infiltrate Gilead as a spy.


Section 30Edit

Ada fills Nicole/Daisy in on more details about Gilead. Gilead is at war still with California, though Texas managed to fight Gilead to a standstill. The Canadian government is neutral, but fears invasion, so it’s possibly they will crack down on Mayday’s activities.

Section 31Edit

Mayday has a source inside Gilead who has been feeding them information, but they don’t know who it is. The same source claims to be compiling documents that could bring down Gilead. However, the link to their source was the Clothes Hound and now that link is broken.

Section 32Edit

The fallback plan is to have Nicole pretend to be converted by missionaries and go to Gilead to fetch the documents. The source demanded it specifically be Nicole, saying she had the best chances since she’s a national icon. Nicole reluctantly agrees to the plan, knowing there’s no guarantee it isn’t a trap.

Section 33Edit

They start training Nicole. She needs to learn how to pray, how to pretend to be converted and how to kill if needed. She takes on the name of Jade, and the source demands that she get a specific tattoo.

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