Chapter XIII: Secateurs is the 13th chapter of The Testaments. It contains section 34 with Aunt Lydia as narrator.


Aunt Lydia discovers that Vidala has been framing Elizabeth. She remembers the aftermath of Becka's attempted suicide.


Section 34Edit

(Ardua Hall) Present day. Lydia installs cameras near her statue so she can catch Elizabeth in the act. Instead, she discovers it’s Vidala who’s doing it, merely scheming to incriminate Elizabeth. Lydia is excited to tell Judd about her discovery and also that she’s close to bringing him Baby Nicole.

After, Lydia recalls an incident from 9 years ago when Becka attempted to commit suicide and threatened to keep trying unless they made her an Aunt (since Aunts don’t marry). Lydia had interviewed Becka, agreed to allow her to be an Aunt and told her to go select a new name.

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