An unnamed doctor is a recurring character in the first and second seasons of the TV series, as well as a minor character in the novel and film.

In the Novel[edit | edit source]

IV Waiting Room[edit | edit source]

Section 11[edit | edit source]

A Guardian accompanies Offred to a doctor, who tests her for pregnancy and disease. At the doctor’s office, Offred undresses, pulling a sheet over her body. A sheet hangs down from the ceiling, cutting off the doctor’s view of her face. The doctor is not supposed to see her face or speak to her if he can help it.

The doctor offers to impregnate Offred.

On this visit, though, he chatters cheerfully and then offers to help her. He says many of the Commanders are either too old to produce a child or are sterile, and he suggests that he could have sex with her and impregnate her. His use of the word “sterile” shocks Offred, for officially sterile men no longer exist. In Gilead, there are only fruitful women and barren women. Offred thinks him genuinely sympathetic to her plight, but she also realizes he enjoys his own empathy and his position of power. After a moment, she declines, saying it is too dangerous. If they are caught, they will both receive the death penalty. She tries to sound casual and grateful as she refuses, but she feels frightened. To revenge her refusal, the doctor could falsely report that she has a health problem, and then she would be sent to the Colonies with the “Unwomen.” Offred also feels frightened, she realizes, because she has been given a way out[1].

In the TV Series[edit | edit source]

Present: Season One[edit | edit source]

"Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum"[edit | edit source]

This doctor examines June prior to a Ceremony night, and reveals to June that most of the Commanders are sterile. He offers to attempt to impregnate her during the exam, but she refuses.

Present: Season Two[edit | edit source]

"First Blood"[edit | edit source]

This doctor examines June once again after her suicide attempt, and shows Serena Joy an ultrasound scan of the baby that June is carrying.

"The Last Ceremony"[edit | edit source]

This doctor is called to the Waterford household to examine June after her false labour scare. He states that he would be willing to induce birth in a week or two in order to avoid the need for a cesarean section, but that it would be best for the baby to be born in a natural manner.

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