The United Kingdom, officially the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is a country located in Northwest Europe. It is also known shortly as Great Britain, Britain, and or the UK.

Relations with Gilead: Edit

The extent of UK-Gilead relations are largely unknown. However, both the novel and TV series reference refugees from Gilead being taken in by the United Kingdom; the TV series also reveals that the UK has placed sanctions on Gilead.[1]

Refugees from Gilead entering the UK eventually leads to riots, and roughly two decades after the rise of Gilead, the UK has stopped accepting Gilead refugees to avoid trouble with the powerful nation.

Other Edit

In the novel, Offred thinks she ought to "lie back and think of England" during the Ceremony, before reminding herself that she is not in England.

In the television series, Moira was once a surrogate mother to a couple from the UK. Her biological son, Gavin, is British. The British Army is mentioned by Luke to be conducting training exercises with the military in Canada.

References Edit

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