Where's Warren? He's coming for me. He's coming for me.
Janine collapses as she realizes she was abused[1].

The Ofwarren Case is an event in The Handmaid's Tale. Commander Putnam and his handmaid Ofwarren (Janine Lindo) are prosecuted when an argument about a secret sexual relationship becomes public.



Janine is assigned to Commander Warren Putnam and gives birth to a daughter, who the Putnams name Angela[2]. Apart from the monthly Ceremonies, Janine has a secret affair with her Commander, a relationship which is seen as punitive adultery by Gileadean law [3].


Janine suffers a psychological breakdown after she is taken away from Angela and the Putnams to be reassigned to Commander Daniel Monroe , and is later able to make her way back to the Putnams and abduct her baby daughter. She is found standing on the edge of a bridge over a river, holding her daughter and threatening to throw herself off. When Warren tries to dissuade her, she becomes infuriated and publicly reveals their relationship. June then convinces Janine to hand over Angela, only to go ahead and jump into the frozen water. She survives and is taken to hospital in a critical condition. Warren is arrested due to the accusations made by Janine.[1].


For endangering her daughter, Janine is sentenced to death by stoning, but the Handmaids tasked with the "Particicution" refuse to kill her[4], and she is sent to the Colonies instead[5]. As the first one to talk back at the stoning, Ofglen #2 has her tongue cut out[6]. The other Handmaids are later mock-executed and get their wrist burned as punishment for their defiance[7].

The Council of local Commanders sentences Warren to "Redemption" by amputating his left hand for committing adultery, in accordance to his Wife's request, who demanded for him the "harshest punishment possible"[4].


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