Remember, there's no point trying to be tough or brave. Everybody breaks. Tell them everything.
Nick advises Offred how to endure an interrogation[1]

The Eyes of God, also referred to simply as the Eyes, are the Republic of Gilead's secret police, responsible for maintaining law and order and rooting out infidels and traitors. They drive in black vans with tinted windows and wear dark sunglasses. Their vans have winged eyes painted on the sides; they occasionally wear small items with eyes on them too, such as pins. According to Offred, anyone could be an Eye and you wouldn't know until it is too late - although the organisation seems to be made up solely of men, it is possible they use women as spies and informants. In addition to monitoring and spying upon the general populace, Eyes also make arrests and interrogate suspects. It is heavily implied they torture suspects or blackmail them to get the answers they want.

Staff (TV Series) Edit


Plainclothes OperativesEdit

Business AssociatesEdit

  • Beth (alcohol supply)

Report Chains Edit

  • Guthrie's Martha $ \rightarrow $ Nick
  • Guthrie's aide $ \rightarrow $ Nick
  • Nick $ \rightarrow $ Pryce

Mentions and activities Edit

After The Takeover Edit

The escape agent of June and Luke destroys their cell phones because "they can track these things, location services or not"[2].

Before the main storyline Edit

Two guards lead Commander Guthrie into an office building of the Eyes. Nick reports to a pleased Commander Pryce that Guthrie has been sleeping with his last two Handmaids and is skimming from the transportation budget, according to his aide and his Martha. Pryce then reminds Nick to "be chiefly reporting on the activities of his own Commander" and regrets the loss in the Waterfords' household. He concludes "We are going to clean up Gilead, son".[3]

Present time Edit

At the gate of the Waterfords' house, Ofglen warns Offred that an Eye is a member of her household[4].

While driving Offred home alone, Nick is asked by Offred about Ofglen's arrest, and he tells her to remember she "can't change" this and "being tough or brave" won't work because "everybody breaks", and she should "tell them everything". Offred then sees a black van parked in the drive, to which Nick apologizes he "couldn't stop them". Inside the house, Offred is interrogated and electrotortured by an Eye and Aunt Lydia about Ofglen. She answers as honestly as possible, omitting the fact that Ofglen is a member of a rebel network, but admitting that she knew Ofglen was a 'Gender Traitor', When they ask why she didn't report the conversation. Offred replies that Ofglen was her friend. Nick later brings her ice for her injuries. He confesses he wished he'd just driven away with her [1] .

In a hotel room of the brothel, Mr. Waterford tells Offred that he feels "a target on his back" since he has been hearing from "purges" in other districts, fearing the Eyes could go after him, too. Offred supposes that this is what happens when you're the boss[3].

Beth is trading with Nick bottles of alcoholic beverages and additional contraband for other illicit goods, such as prescription drugs and pregnancy tests that are used by the customers or working girls of the brothel. Nick formally comments the trade with "The Eyes thank you for your service". [3]

Trivia Edit

Nick trades with Beth on behalf of the Eyes, i.e. the Eyes' administration tolerates drug trafficking (in a certain measure).


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