Tabitha (Novels)

Tabitha is a character in The Testaments.


In the Bible, Tabitha is a woman restored to life by St. Peter.


Agnes remembers that Tabitha coughed quite often, but she had a beautiful singing voice, like a "silver flute."


Tabitha adopted Agnes after she was taken from her mother. When Agnes was young, she told her a story about little girls who had no mothers, and were under the spell of witches. She used a magic ring - a wedding ring - to save one little girl, her favorite, who was Agnes.

Tabitha grew increasingly ill when Agnes was still a child. She was confronted by Agnes about her story when she learned about pregnancy, and did not respond when Agnes asked if she came from Tabitha's "stomach." Commander Kyle's household knew she was dying, except for Agnes - who learned about it through her school friend Shunammite - only two days before Tabitha died.

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