Sienna is a recurring character in The Handmaid's Tale (Series). She is a Martha in the Lawrence household who replaces Cora.

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Sienna appears to be of South Asian descent, with medium-brown skin and dark hair.

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In the Past[edit | edit source]

Before Gilead[edit | edit source]

Sienna planned to become a radiologist and started studying for the Medical College Admission Test[1].

After the Takeover[edit | edit source]

It is implied that she had to give up her plans to graduate due to the general ban on female alphabetization. Instead, she was classified as Martha at some point.

Present, Season 3[edit | edit source]

Useful[edit | edit source]

Sienna replaces the dismissed Martha Cora in the Lawrence household. Along with Beth she is seen preparing for a big meeting: All of the Commanders come to Lawrence, because he won’t attend meetings. Beth and June whisper about the dwindling flow of information, likely due to recent roundups among Marthas.

Mayday[edit | edit source]

Sienna helps them to prepare for the big evening of getting the children out. She helps them lay the path and then get moving. When they run into trouble at the airport she helps June to distract the guardians. She is shot and is presumed dead.

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