Salvaging is the term used to refer to executions held in public in Gilead. Those who are executed are referred to as having been Salvaged.

Women's Salvagings Edit

The executions of women are held in public and presided over by the Aunts. Handmaids have to sit in the center of a lawn near the stage where the 'Salvagings' take place and are forced to participate. Women criminals are usually hanged. Women can be executed for crimes such as adultery or the murder of Handmaids. It is implied that women who are to be executed are drugged beforehand to keep them from causing trouble. Handmaids, and possibly other women in attendance, are not given breakfast prior to attending a Salvaging, which is done from practicality, as the sight can cause the women to throw up.

Handmaids are given the rope used to hang the condemned and pull altogether, thus sharing in the 'duty' of executing those who commit crimes against the regime. June Osborne (as Offred) states that the Aunts used to announce for what crimes the women are being executed; however, they stopped doing this because it seemed to encourage a spate of similar crimes.

Men's Salvagings Edit

Little is known about men's Salvagings, as women are not allowed to attend; however, after being executed, bodies of deceased convicts are displayed on the Wall as further punishment and to serve as a warning. Men are often executed for 'Gender Treachery', adultery/fraternization/fornication with the opposite sex, opposing the Gilead regime from anywhere or for providing abortion or birth control in the pre-Gilead days. A gay man, a doctor, and a Roman Catholic priest (as well as a Jewish man) were also seen hanging on the Wall at one point, due to their beliefs or acts conflicting with Gilead's policies. Offred mentions that some salvagings for men don't usually but may take place at a football stadium. Salvagings however regardless of gender happen anywhere in Gilead.

Rarely, male criminals are subjected to 'Particicutions', where a man is literally torn or beaten to death by Handmaids. Often, men executed this way have committed crimes such as rape, which are deeply personal to the women; however, Emily Malek (as Ofglen #1) mentions that one alleged rapist was actually a member of Mayday, the underground resistance, thus suggesting the government executes traitors and rebels on trumped up charges to remove them as a threat. It's highly possible they may do this with both men and women.

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