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It doesn't matter what I think.

Rita reluctantly advances her opinion[1].

Rita Blue is a supporting character in the first season, and a main character in second and third seasons of the TV Series, as well as supporting in the novel. She was a Martha serving the Waterfords before their arrest and her escape to Canada.

In the TV series[]

Before the Takeover[]

Almost nothing is known about Rita's life prior to the rise of Gilead, except that she had a son, Matthew.[2]

After the Takeover[]

In a conversation with Serena Joy, Rita reveals that her son perished during the war in the aftermath of the Sons of Jacob's coup d'etat, and that he was nineteen when he died. It is unknown which side Matthew fought on, although Serena's response suggests she assumes it was for Gilead.[2]

In the Present: Season One[]

"The Bridge"[]

Rita encounters Serena Joy in kitchen late one night, after Commander Fred Waterford sneaks June out to Jezebel's. Serena weakly insists that she was searching for chamomile tea, which Rita points out is in plain view on the other side of the kitchen. She nervously suggests that Serena might enjoy something a bit stronger "to settle the soul." Serena accepts and invites Rita to have a drink with her. They discuss Naomi's frequent complaints about how Angela keeps her awake at night, to which Rita states that she should appreciate each moment with her child, since they can be lost in an instant. Rita reveals that she lost her son in the war, and Serena quietly responds that she is humbled by her son's sacrifice.


When June is being escorted out of the Waterford's home by the Eyes, Rita appears shocked. June hugs her on her way out and whispers to her that she should look behind the bathtub. Rita does so and discovers the letters written by women in Gilead that June has stashed away, after receiving them from a Mayday contact.[2]

In the Present: Season Two[]

In the Present: Season Three[]


Rita is seen with Serena outside the hotel where the Waterfords are staying as they prepare for their trip in the hopes of getting Nichole back. The two share a brief moment with Serena giving her one last blessing.


At Loaves and Fishes, Rita notices June nearby. They exchange a quick greeting at the carrot table before moving over to the potato table. Rita tells June that she heard what the Marthas were planning and told them she was in, helping in any way that she can. She asks if the plan was all her idea, and when June replies in the affirmative Rita is impressed. She tells June that she is a boss now and that she is proud of her.


Rita is among the Marthas who orchestrated the mass exodus of children from Gilead. She accompanies a fellow Martha to the Lawrence household. Rita guards the children as they are moved to the airplane. As Guardians scout the local area looking for Kiki, June instructs her to take care of the children as Marthas and Handmaids stay behind to distract them. Rita is on the plane when it takes off, and lands in Canada along with over fifty children. On the ground, she reunites with Ofglen, who introduces herself as Emily, and meets Moira and Luke for the first time, telling Luke about June's plan to rescue the children.

Season 4[]


Rita speaks at a charity event organized by Luke. She thanks June for freeing the Marthas and children, and starts to tear up when she talks about her experiences. Luke takes over from her when she is overwhelmed with emotion, and she is comforted by Moira. Moira talks to her again after the event, and congratulates her on her speech.

Moira also recruits Rita to help Asher come to terms with living in Canada and leaving Gilead behind. She prepares a traditional dish that Marthas would make for children, since he is having trouble adjusting to his new life.[3]


Rita bakes home-made bread in preparation for Moira's visit. The aid worker tells her that her sister and nephew have not been recorded as refugees anywhere in Canada, but encourages her to stay hopeful as they may have escaped under false identities with fake passports. Moira then carries on the court's message that Serena has requested to see her. Rita is anxious and unsure about doing so, especially since she reported everything about the Waterfords to the authorities, but Moira suggests it could give her closure.

At the prison, Rita enters Serena's cell, and is warmly greeted by the former Wife. Serena invites her to sit down, revealing an ultrasound and telling Rita of her pregnancy. Rita is moved to happiness, noting that it is a miracle. Serena notes that she has not yet told Fred, and she does not intend to. She asks Rita to help care for her son, and tells her to keep the ultrasound, telling Rita that she is her friend, and asking her to pray with her.

Some time later, Rita is visited at home by Mark Tuello, delivering her some interview prep material from Serena's defense attorney, who wishes Rita to corroborate that anything that happened under June's pregnancy was due to extreme duress by Fred Waterford. Rita then tells Tuello that she was considered property in Gilead, and clearly feels betrayed by Serena taking Rita's kindness as a promise to defend her in court. Rita then visits Fred in prison, and the Commander asks how she is faring. Fred is grateful for Rita's friendliness, but Rita denies any friendship. She then takes the ultrasound from her handbag in an envelope, and presents it to Fred, telling him she will pray for his son.

Rita is later seen enjoying a meal of sushi and edamame beans with Diet Coke, appreciating her first non-Gilead food for the first time in years.[4]


  • Although the Marthas are said to be infertile and unmarried women, she had a son. This could mean that Rita is either postmenopausal, became infertile after giving birth, or adopted.


Season One[]

Season Two[]

Season Three[]

Season Four[]


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