The Red Center Bombing is a resistance (or terrorist, for Gilead) bombing which happens in the New Rachel and Leah Center during its opening ceremony[1].


Following her protest at the Salvaging of Janine, Ofglen has her tongue removed as punishment for her actions. This seems to have a notable effect on Ofglen, as her demeanor changes to be even more coarse.


To the opening of the new Rachel and Leah Center, Commanders from all of the districts are there. As Commander Fred Waterford addresses the men who’ve gathered, Handmaids stand along the auditorium’s back wall. Ofglen steps out of line and turns to face her fellow maids, raising one hand so everyone can see that she’s holding a detonator. The women start to run. Ofglen then runs into the assembly, holds up her hand once more and presses the button. As the red-clad women run for safety, a huge explosion rocks the center. [1].


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Immediately after the bombing, the New Gilead District is placed on lockdown with the aftermath of a purge being seen by Handmaids returning from the burial of the murdered handmaids.

Commander Andrew Pryce, who was a high ranking member of the Eyes and in charge of the security of the New Gilead District, died shortly after the attack.

Notable Commanders killed in the purge are Commander Glen Deeds, whose Handmaid is the one that carried out the bombing. Commander Ray Cushing is also arrested, but this is from a plot orchestrated by Serena Joy, Nick, and June, in order to protect themselves and Fred.

Notes Edit

  • As all the Handmaids on the ground floor are still seen running after the explosion it can be assumed that the 31 Handmaids who died were all inside on the balcony.
  • Given the power of the explosion was enough to throw the Handmaids on the first floor against the windows, it is a surprise that more Commanders were not killed.


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