What would I be? Will God still love me then?

Rebecca trying to envision her life after Gilead[1].

Rebecca is a ten year-old girl in The Handmaid's Tale (Series). She is introduced by her foster name Kiki, raised by a family in Lexington who have a Martha named Maggie in their household.

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Rebecca is petite for her age, with red hair and dark eyes.

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She is quiet, yet very inquisitive. She doesn't remember what things were like prior to the Gilead takeover, however she does recognize her biological father after her escape to Canada.

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After the Takeover[edit | edit source]

At some point, Rebecca was taken from her family by the regime and given to an allegiant couple in Lexington (MA) who renamed her Kiki. Her father moved (or fled) to Canada[2].

Present, Season Three[edit | edit source]

Mayday[edit | edit source]

Kiki and Maggie flee from Lexington on foot and arrive at the Lawrences where June Osborne leads them inside the house. Beth and Sienna are upset that Maggie brought the child before dark. Maggie asks if it is Mayday and June confirms this is the case.

June cleans Kiki's foot wound, and praises her for her bravery. The girl asks if she knows what it is like outside. June says that it was like how things were like before Gilead. Kiki can´t remember what things were like before Gilead.

June tells her that she will be free and that she can wear whatever she wants and that nobody can hurt her for reading or tell her what to think or who to love or what to believe in. She also tells Kiki that she doesn't have to be a wife or mother if she does not want to. When Kiki asks what she will then be, June tells her that she can be herself. The girl asks if God will still love her and June says yes. June asks if Kiki is hungry and passes her a bread roll. Kiki gives a short prayer before eating.

Maggie panics and says she wants to leave because the plane is taking too long. The other Marthas try to convince her otherwise. Maggie says that her mistress is understanding and kind but Beth points out that she drugged her mistress and that the Eyes will be after them. Maggie wants to tell the truth but the Marthas tell her that she cannot leave. June walks upstairs and retrieves a hidden pistol from under a bed. She forces Maggie to stop at gunpoint, warning that she will shoot her if she tries to run. Maggie lets Kiki go and runs out.

June pursues her and tries to shoot her but the woman escapes into the bush. June finds herself pointing a gun at Kiki's face. Beth pulls Kiki away and asks June what has gotten into her. June regrets that she pointed a gun at Kiki's face. She reflects on her actions in the living room.

Later, Commander Lawrence returns unexpectedly. He explains that he made a regretful exit but June tells him that he has to be there. Lawrence apologizes and asks how Kiki is. June reassures her that the child will be fine because they will get her out of here. Lawrence wants to evacuate the child back to Lexington but June disagrees.

Lawrence tells June that someone spotted a Martha with a child near Lexington who shouldn't have been moving and warns her that the district has sent search parties and will set up roadblocks. June and the Marthas decide to walk through the woods to the airport, which is five miles away.

The convoy eventually reaches the outskirts of the airport but their situation is complicated by the presence of a Guardian patrol. June tells the Marthas to follow the fence and get a safe place for them to cross. June says she will distract the guards and apologizes to Kiki for the difficulty of their journey. Kiki understands and says that sometimes you have to do the things you have to do. June tells Rita to take care of Kiki and to get the kids on the plane. The Marthas promise and give June a blessing before they part ways.

When the plane lands at a Canadian airport, Moira Strand is the first to greet them and finds the plane crowded with children and Marthas. Moira introduces herself and says that she's there to help them. Kiki asks her if she is at the place where she can wear what she wants, to which Moira replies that it is.

Moira guides the new refugees off the plane and wraps Kiki in a blanket, asking her what her name is. Just as Kiki is about to answer she & Moira hear another volunteer calls out to her using the name Rebecca. Kiki instantly looks toward the man who called, revealing that that is her pre-Gilead name. The volunteer is her father. Rebecca runs into his arms as they both cry. Moira & a sad Luke Bankole watch the reunion.

Rebecca: Do you know what it's like? Out?
June: Well, it's like things were before Gilead.
Rebecca: I don't remember before.
June: You'll be free. You can wear whatever you want, no one's gonna hurt you for reading or tell you what to think, or who to love, or what to believe in. And, you know, you don't have to be a wife. Or a mother, if you don't want to.
Rebecca: Then what would I be?
June: You.
Rebecca: Will God still love me then?

-- Rebecca while fleeing from Gilead to Canada[1].
"Miss? This is the place where I can wear what I want?"
- Rebecca (to Moira) when arriving in Canada[1].

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