Rachel Tapping is a recurring character in the first and second seasons of the TV Series. She is an official at the United States consulate in Toronto, Canada; in this capacity, she looks after refugees in Little America and coordinates investigations about missing U.S. citizens within Gilead[1].

In the PastEdit

Not is much known about her past. Likely had been State Department official handling Visa Issuing and became stranded or worked in Washington before the attacks and evacuated to Canada before Sons of Jacob took over DC

In the Present Edit

Season One Edit

"The Other Side" Edit

Luke Bankole receives a phone call from the U.S consulate in Toronto and goes into a government office filled with flyers of missing persons. Rachel brings Luke into a room where she hands him the note June Osborne wrote to him via the Mexican ambassador's assistant. The note, read in June's voice, says: "I love you so much. Save Hannah." Realizing they are both still alive, Luke cries while he smiles.

Season Two Edit

"After" Edit

Rachel provides a report to those assembled in the consulate on a recent bombing that occurred within Gilead.[2] When asked by Moira, she confirms that civilians--specifically, Handmaids--were among those killed in the attack. She later grants Moira access to records of unidentified civilian casualties that have occured in Gilead since it was established, where Moira is able to find confirmation that her lover, Odette, has been killed.

Some time later, Rachel provides another report to those in the consulate on the bombing and confirms the names of the women killed in the attack.

"Smart Power" Edit

When Moira and Luke realize that Commander Waterford and Serena Joy are being granted access to Canada, they visit Rachel at the consulate and ask her to arrange for Waterford's arrest, calling him a war criminal. While Rachel agrees with this assertion, she is adamant that there is nothing she or the consulate can do, since they are technically guests on Canadian soil. She advises the two to take part in planned protests against the Waterfords instead and both Moira and Luke leave frustrated at the situation.

Appearances Edit

Season One Edit

  • "The Other Side"

Season Two Edit

  • "After"
  • "Smart Power"

References Edit

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