These people risk their lives for you when they don't have to, saying they're doing it for religious reasons.
Moira is astonished about a religious opposition within a theocracy[1]

Quakers are a religious group (officially called 'Friends' or 'the Religious Society of Friends') who feature prominently in The Handmaid's Tale (Novel).

After the TakeoverEdit

Like most Christians or Christianity-based religious groups, the Quakers were spared from persecution in the early days of the Republic of Gilead; the regime focused on targeting groups it considered well outside its theological framework: feminists and liberals, divorced people, gays and lesbians, doctors or medical professions who had preformed abortions, etc.

After a while, as the regime tightened its control over the population, they are targeted in "sectarian roundups" [1]. Quakers, Catholics, Baptists, and Jews are at least four religious groups mentioned in the novel as actively working against Gilead.

After escaping from the Red Center, Moira makes her way to the center of town in Aunt Elizabeth’s clothes and goes to the home of a Quaker couple involved in the resistance. The Quakers put her on the Underground Femaleroad, whose members try to smuggle her out of the country, but she is caught just as she is leaving the final safe house to slip across the Canadian border in a boat[1].

Present time Edit

Serena allows Rita, Cora, Offred, and Nick to watch the news while they wait. The news reports that spies were caught smuggling “national resources” across the border, and that five Quakers have been arrested. [2].


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