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Stuart Williston doesn't assume a defamation[1].

The Publication of Rachel's Package is an event in The Handmaid's Tale.



When Nick and the Waterfords arrive at the Canadian hotel, there are protesters at the front door. Luke confronts Commander Waterford. He's taken away by the police but not before Serena and Nick realize that he's Offred's husband.

Luke getting Rachel's package from Nick
Nick goes looking for Luke and finds him in a bar. Nick gives Luke the stack of letters June gave him and tells him to get them out somehow. Luke, Moira and Erin read the letters, but Moira is not convinced that Gilead would "go boom" over it. Erin, however, believes it would be the start of something[1].


The letters are released online, causing extreme public outrage towards Gilead.


The Waterfords are forced to leave the country immediately as they are no longer welcome in Canada[1]. Moments later, they were both arrested and charged for their crimes according to Mark Tuello.


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