Professor James Darcy Pieixoto is a minor character in The Handmaid's Tale (Novel) and The Testaments and one of the discoverers of Offred's tapes (in which she refers about her time as Handmaid for Commander Fred), now known as "The Handmaid's Tale".

The Handmaid's Tale (Novel)Edit

Historical Notes on The Handmaid's TaleEdit

Pieixoto gives a presentation on a "Symposium on Gileadean Studies" at June 25, 2195, where he speaks about the 'Problems of Authentication in Reference to The Handmaid's Tale'[1].

The TestamentsEdit

Epilogue: The Thirteenth SymposiumEdit

At a symposium, a group of academics discuss recent discoveries that have been made about the history of Gilead.

Pieixoto first references the discovery from a few years back of a collection of tapes from “Offred”. More recently, two more finds have surfaced. First, the Ardua Hall Holograph, a manuscript found hidden between the covers of another book (Apologia Pro Vita Sua), written by Aunt Lydia.

Secondly, two witness testimonies have been located as well for two half-sisters (Agnes and Nicole), which tell an interesting story. Pieixoto notes that it’s possible the author of the tapes may be the mother of the two half-sisters, but more research is needed.

Finally, he notes a statue and inscription they’ve come across, dedicated to someone named Becka. The inscription states that it was erected by Agnes and Nicole, their mother and two fathers, plus their children and grandchildren.


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