Paula Saunders is a character in The Testaments.


A year before Tabitha's death, Commander Saunders was murdered in his study by his wife Paula, who was having an affair with Commander Kyle. She used a kitchen skewer and blamed the event on a handmaid by deceiving her of a plan for her to escape Gilead, and pinning the murder on her as she made a failed escape attempt.

She married the widowed Commander Kyle a year later. She did not particularly like his adopted daughter, Agnes, and requested for a handmaid, Ofkyle, to give her a child. Ofkyle died in childbirth giving Paula a legal son, Mark.

Paula planned Agnes' wedding to the powerful Commander Judd. However, when Agnes left Kyle and Paula to become a Supplicant Aunt named Aunt Victoria, Paula was outraged. Aunt Lydia, however, got Kyle and Paula to sign custody of Agnes over to the Aunts as she knew about her murder of Commander Saunders.

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