Pamela is a character in The Handmaid's Tale. She is the mother of Serena Joy.



Pamela is a Widow in Gilead. It is unknown whether her husband was a Commander in Gilead, or if she has become an honorary Widow due to her links to the Waterfords. Regardless, Pamela has managed to overcome the restrictions imposed on Widows, maintaining her own household without a husband and integrating with the other Wives in Gilead.


Pamela is an older woman, in her early or mid 60s, who has graying blonde hair. She has a very put together appearance - you can tell that looks matter to her. She has blue eyes, pale skin, and she is a tall woman.


Pamela has a controlling, unforgiving personality and looks and appearances are very important to Pamela. She cares that Serena, her daughter, is married to a "commander". She likes the control and the status that provides. She is more suffocating than supportive, especially in regard to Serena. Pamela is not what you'd describe as a warm person.



Serena is staying at the house of her mother Pamela, along with Rita, who makes a leather cover for her mistress’ hand that makes it look like she’s got all of her digits. She encourages Serena to "get through this, by His hand", to which she replies “What’s left of it”. Serena joins her mother’s prayer circle and cries as they beseech God to bring Nichole home.

The next day, Serena wants to tell her mother about her marriage to Fred, but Pamela won’t hear it, calling her a “spoiled little girl” for wanting things always to go her way while knowing her place to be at Fred's side. Deeming Serena's tears as "self-pity", she states “You gave that baby away, and it wasn’t even yours.”



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"Look at you, all the gifts you've been given. But you need everything to be exactly how you want it. Spoiled little girl. You know there's no place in this world for you without Fred."



Pamela's name is likely a reference to the Historical Notes section of the novel, wherein Pieixoto reveals that the television personality Wife who Offred served under was likely called Pam.

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