I'm not brave.
Omar when asked whether he's a "brave" or "stupid" Femaleroad member[1]

Omar is a minor character in The Handmaid's Tale who belongs to the Econopeople. He is married to Heather and has a son, Adam. He acts as courier for the resistance movement.

Omar picks up June at a tool shed to take her to a safe house. When he shows up he asks her if she's a good witch or a bad witch. He tells her to come with him—that they're going to smuggle her into Canada. She asks who is "they" and he says someone brave or stupid. As they are walking to his car, he gets an alert that the safe house he's to take her to isn't safe. He goes to leave her behind but she begs him to take her with him. He puts her into the back of his car. She thanks him but he tells her to get down.

Omar takes June to his home, where his wife Heather doesn't approve of her being there. June plays with their son Adam while Omar and Heather talk. Heather comes back out and tells her that she can't believe she'd give her baby away. The next day the family goes to church, leaving June alone. When someone comes knocking at the door, June hides under their bed, where she finds a Quran.

Since the family does not return, June dresses in one of Heathers's outfits and leaves the apartment[1].

Aunt Lydia takes June to the river, where men are hanging on The Wall. Lydia identifies one as Omar and informs June that Heather became a handmaid and the son was given away[2].

Notable quotes Edit

Omar: I'll drop you at a friendly house. They'll walk you to the airstrip.
June: Who's "they"?
Omar: No idea. Someone brave or stupid. Or both. There's a lot of both.

June: Thank you for taking me in. For everything. - So, are you brave or stupid?
Omar: I'm not brave.[1]


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