Oliver is the son of Emily and Sylvia.

Story[edit | edit source]

After the takeover[edit | edit source]

There are a bunch of people at the airport when Emily arrives there with her wife Sylvia and son Oliver. Sylvia and Oliver can get through because they are Canadian citizens but since Emily didn't get a Canadian visa, she still needs a "border traffic bypass stamp" to go through the gates. They go to get permission but learn that they aren't married anymore. This is because of a new law that's been put in place. Emily has to say goodbye to her family and watches as they ride an escalator up to so that they can get on an airplane [1].

Present, season three[edit | edit source]

God Bless the Child[edit | edit source]

In Canada, Emily and her wife Sylvia see each other for the first time in years outside a subway station. They hug, and Emily asks if her son remembers her.

When Sylvia shows Emily Oliver's room, it’s covered in photos of her and them as a family. Oliver comes home and runs upstairs. Emily is so happy to see him, and they reunite passionately.

At bedtime, Oliver asks Emily to read him a bedtime story. While she does, both she and Sylvia start crying so hard that Oliver eventually decides to take over reading the book himself. After he falls asleep, Emily joins Sylvia for a beer and some conversation on the porch.

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