Ofwyatt is a minor character in the second season of the TV series. She is a Handmaid and (presumably) was trained at the Rachel and Leah Center. Her real name has not yet been revealed.

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Season Two Edit

"June" Edit

Ofwyatt is pregnant and imprisoned in a small room in The Rachel and Leah Center as a result of her attempt to kill herself (and her unborn child) with drain cleaner. Aunt Lydia takes June to see her in order to demonstrate what will happen to June if she continued to be defiant.

Ofwyatt's status following this encounter is unknown, particularly in light of the the amount of time that has passed since. However, Aunt Lydia's comments to June following her re-capture and brief imprisonment in a similar room suggest that Ofwyatt may be executed following the birth of her child[1]; further evidence for this can be taken from Janine's aborted execution, which Aunt Lydia announced was due to her endangering the life of a child.[2]

References Edit

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