Oftim is a minor character in the first season of the TV Series. She is a Handmaid and presumably was trained at the Rachel and Leah Center. At some point during either her training or her time as a Handmaid, she had her right hand cut off.[1]  

In the Present Edit

Season One Edit

"A Woman's Place" Edit

Because of how she has been mutilated, Serena Joy Waterford instructs Aunt Lydia to remove her from the banquet for the Mexican delegation, along with JanineOflyleOfthomas, and Ofjohn.

Season Two Edit

Oftim's status following the bombing of the new Rachel and Leah Center is unknown, although it is possible that she was one of the thirty-one Handmaids killed.[2]

Notes Edit

One of the punishments women can be subjected to in the Republic of Gilead is the removal of a hand for being caught reading twice (once being punished with the loss of a finger).[1] Since Oftim is missing a hand, it is possible that she was caught reading on more than one occasion at either the Center or in the household she is assigned to.

References Edit

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