I am Ofglen.
Ofglen #2 expresses indifference to her predecessor's whereabouts.[1]

Ofglen #2 is a recurring character in The Handmaid's Tale. She is a Handmaid assigned to Commander Glen who replaced Ofglen #1. Her real name in the TV series is later revealed as Lillie Fuller[2].

Notable quotesEdit

"I used to get f***ed behind a dumpster just so I could buy a sixth of Oxy and a Happy Meal. I'm clean now. I've got a safe place to sleep every night and I have people who are nice to me. And I want to keep it that way.""
- Ofglen #2 explains her personal benefit from the new social order.[3]
"Aunt Lydia, this is insane. I'm not gonna do it."
- Ofglen #2 angrily refuses to "particicute" Janine.[3]

In the novel Edit

Soon after the Salvaging, Offred goes out for a shopping trip, comforted by the ordinariness of the routine. To her dismay, the Handmaid who meets her is not Ofglen. When Offred asks her where Ofglen went, the woman replies, “I am Ofglen”: Since this new Handmaid now lives with the Commander named Glen, her name becomes Ofglen. Offred realizes how women get lost in this ocean of fluctuating names.

Trying to see if the new woman belongs to the resistance, Offred suggests they go to the Wall. As they walk there, Offred works the password “Mayday” into the conversation by mentioning the old holiday of “May Day.” The new Ofglen looks at her coolly and tells her that she should forget such “echoes” from the old world. Terrified, Offred realizes that the new Ofglen knows about the resistance and does not belong to it. She suddenly imagines herself found out and arrested. She thinks that perhaps they will torture her daughter until she tells them everything she knows. She and the new, treacherous Ofglen walk home. As they part, the new Ofglen suddenly whispers that the old Ofglen hanged herself when she saw the van coming to arrest her. “’It was better,’” she says, and then walks quickly away[1].

In the TV Series Edit

Ofglen #2 is a Handmaid assigned to Commander Deeds who replaces Emily as Ofglen. Her real name is later revealed as Lillie Fuller according to the end of the episode After [2].


June Osborne, as Offred, prepares to meet Ofglen #1 outside, but it is a different woman, who introduces herself as Ofglen[4].

While grocery shopping, Offred and a few other Handmaids run into Ofsteven (formerly Ofglen) where she learns about Mayday. Ofglen #2 grabs Offred before she can learn anything else. She tells Offred that she used to be a junkie, and that she likes being a Handmaid because she has a safe place to sleep and her masters are nice.[3]

All of the Handmaids are called to come together to stone someone who endangered a child. To their surprise, that someone is Janine. The Handmaids hesitate and Ofglen #2 is brutally beaten by a guard when she breaks rank and voices her angry refusal to Aunt Lydia. The other Handmaids, beginning with Offred, drop their stones, each saying "I'm sorry, Aunt Lydia" (a phrase they were taught early in their indoctrination). Aunt Lydia promises that they will all be punished and sends them home.[5]

It is later revealed that Ofglen #2 has her tongue cut out as punishment for speaking out against stoning Janine.[6]

At the opening of the new Rachel and Leah Center, Ofglen #2 breaks away from the other Handmaids present and enters the building where Commander Fred is making a speech to Commanders from many different districts. She shows the Handmaids outside a detonator, causing them to run from the building, before running towards Commander Fred and detonating a bomb, causing a large explosion that appears to kill many of the people that were inside the building.[7]

After the bombing, Rachel Tapping reports the names of the deceased during a conference in Little America. Ofglen's true name is revealed to be Lillie Fuller.[2]

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