Things will be much easier for you now. You won't want what you cannot have.
Aunt Lydia commenting on Emily's penal mutilation.[1]

Ofglen's Case is an event in The Handmaid's Tale. The authorities of the Gilead regime go after the handmaid Ofglen as she is suspected of illegal activities.

In the novelEdit

Ofglen is a member of the resistance group "Mayday". She urges her fellow Handmaid Offred to snitch her Commander in order to gather information for the resistance [2] [3].

According to her successor, her activities were leaked to the regime. She hangs herself in her room when she sees a van of the Eyes coming to arrest her [4].

In the TV seriesEdit


Emily and a Martha are caught in a same-sex relationship, which is seen as "gender treachery" by Gileadean law (under reference to Romans 1:26-28)[1].


With their mouths muzzled forcibly, they are both taken to a mock-trial and immediately convicted. While the Martha is sentenced to the Common Mercy of the State via death (with Emily being forced to watch her be hanged), Emily is sentenced to a so-called "Redemption" where her genitals are surgically mutilated[1].


Emily is reassigned to the Scott household and treated (comparatively) amicably. The humiliations that were forcibly done to her, however, lead her to a rampage ride in a stolen black 2007 Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse (W221), and driving over a guard in the process[5]. Ultimately, as a result of her Grand Theft Auto and hit-and-run incident at a Gileadean marketplace, she was sentenced to hard labor in the Colonies, until the attack at the Red Center had her resume her job as a handmaid[6].


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