We're just out for breakfast. That's not illegal.
Luke buoying himself up[1].

Offred's first escape attempt is an event in The Handmaid's Tale. Offred and Luke try to escape to Canada with their daughter after the Gilead takeover.

In the novelEdit


When Luke realizes his family would be targeted, due to his being divorced and remarried, they purchase fake passports in order to escape[2].


They tell their daughter they are going on a picnic and plan to give her a sleeping pill when they cross the border so that she would not be questioned or give them away. They pack nothing in their car because they do not want to arouse suspicion[3]. Luke kills their pet cat because they do not want to leave her to starve, and leaving her to meow outside would again arouse suspicion[4]. They reach the border and give the guard their passports, which says that Luke had never been divorced. When the guard picks up the phone, they speed away in the car, and then get out and try to run through the woods[5].


Offred has forgotten a large chunk of time following these events, which she thinks might be the fault of an injection or pill the authorities gave her. She remembers waking up somewhere and screaming, demanding to know what they had done with her daughter. The authorities tell Offred she is unfit, and her daughter is with those fit to care for her. They show her a photograph of her child wearing a white dress, holding the hand of a strange woman[6].

In the TV seriesEdit



June, Luke, and Hannah try to escape to Canada and hide in the trunk of their car while a man called Mr. Whitford drives them to a secluded cabin near the border. Mr Whitford tells them he still needs to grab them Canadian passports, because U.S. passports "don't mean shit no more". Before he leaves, Mr. Whitford teaches Luke how to shoot a gun, which he is clearly uneasy about[1].

After learning that Whitford has been killed, they try to reach the Canadian border on their own, but their car is spotted by a patrol. They crash at the side of the road, and Luke tells June to take Hannah and run from the Guardians pursuing them [1]. June runs through the woods with Hannah, pausing when she hears gunshots. She tries to hide with Hannah behind a rock, but they are eventually caught. Hannah is ripped away from June, who tries to struggle free, only to be knocked unconscious. She wakes up as she is being transported in a van[7].

In the meantime, Luke is taken captive by Guardians. They place him in an ambulance after he is shot in the stomach, and intend to question him[1]. The ambulance veers off the road, and both his captors die in the accident. He takes a first aid kit and a gun from a dead Guardian and goes off to find his wife and daughter. After stumbling in the woods for a bit, Luke sees his daughter's shoe, her stuffed bunny rabbit, and what appears to be June's belongings. He takes this to mean that they were captured before they could reach the border[1].


June is sentenced to become a Handmaid and is taken to the Red Center[8]. Luke is later picked up by a group of refugees and ultimately makes it to Canada, along with the fugitive Handmaid Erin[1]. Hannah is renamed Agnes by the regime and adopted by the MacKenzies[9].

In the 1990 filmEdit

Kate, Luke, and Jill travel to the border. When they are caught, Luke is shot, Kate is taken, and Jill is left by the border alone. She walks alone calling to her mother.


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