Night (Season 3) is the first episode of the third season of The Handmaid's Tale.


June embarks on a bold mission with unexpected consequences. Emily and Nichole make a harrowing journey. The Waterfords reckon with Serena Joy's choice to send Nichole away.


The episode opens right where season 2 ended with a shot of the vehicle that is smuggling baby Nichole and Emily while a voice over of June praying to God to protect Nichole and addresses Nichole saying, "I'm sorry, baby girl. Mom's got work." Commander Lawrence's car, a grayish-black Tesla Model X, disappears from sight as June chases after him. After a moment of panic, his car comes back into view as he picks up June. He's shocked that June didn't get in the truck and tells her to get in the car, so they can meet up with the truck before it crosses the Canadian border. June refuses and asks to be taken to Commander MacKenzie's to get her daughter Hannah (Agnes in Gilead) before heading north. With great conviction, June states that she can't, and won't, leave without her. After June mentions the Wall, Commander Lawrence agrees to take her to McKenzies.

Scene changes to Serena Joy, focusing on the imagery of her missing finger. She walks to Offred's room where Commander Waterford is waiting and tells her to call 911. Serena looks him in the eye and says, "We should give her more time to get away," as Nick watches from the doorway and Fred comes to the realization of what happened. Fred is left alone in the room and looks at the carving, "Nolite te bastardes carborundorum," on the wall. A small moment in the stairway occurs between Nick and Serena. Nick offers his cigarette to Serena and she takes the cigarette and takes a drag.

Outside Commander MacKenzie's house, June looks into their house door and sees a Martha. She walks into the house and startles the Martha asking "Where is she?" The Martha tells her that Hannah and the wife are asleep upstairs, and the Commander is away. Offred goes upstairs despite the pleas of the Martha. She looks in to see Hannah sleeping, while at the same time she hears the sirens of the Guardians pulling up to the house with guns. All that she can do is go into Hannah's room, cry, and tell her sleeping daughter that she loves her and will never leave her. June quickly ties a piece of red string around Hannah's wrist next to friendship bracelets and kisses her on the forehead. Then June kneels outside Hannah's door with hands on her head, waiting for the Guardians to come and detain her. As June is escorted out of the house, Mrs. MacKenzie stops the Guardian and then asks to speak to her. Mrs. McKenzie tells June that "this has to stop," because of how damaging the interactions between Hannah and June have been. She reveals that Hannah had nightmares for weeks after the secret visit at the summer house. In response to the look on June's face, Mrs. MacKenzie says, "Of course she told me. I'm her mother." Before finally leaving the house June asks what Hannah is like. The two women share a moment of motherhood and love for Hannah. Mrs. MacKenzie asks one more time for June to stop, saying it will only end with June getting shot in front of her daughter. June gets in the last word stating that she is Hannah's mother, creating tensions as she is forcibly dragged out the door.

June is brought back the Waterford house and is called in to speak to Serena and Fred alone. Fred yells at June telling her that they will all end up hanging from the Wall, but June only speaks to Serena telling her that the baby is safe. Serena grows very upset knowing that Nichole was handed over to Ofjoseph #1 (Emily), grabs Offred and tells her that she killed her baby by giving her to a "murderer." The women speak to each other amid high emotion, where June says that what is happening to Serena right now is like what happened to her when she and Hannah were captured trying to escape the first time. These women shared the feeling of having a child taken from them, leaving them with a deeper understanding, if not admiration and kinship, for each other.

As drones circle through the night sky, Emily continues her journey on foot with Nichole in her arms trying to keep her quiet. She ducks behind bridges and goes low to the ground at various points to evade them, and as she wades through the river, she loses her footing and is dragged downstream. However, she manages to get out of the water and collapses to the ground, exhausted. She is spotted by two Canadian police officers who offer her a blanket and asks if she wished to seek asylum, to which Emily says yes.

The next day, Serena is sitting at her vanity putting antiseptic on her severed finger when Fred comes into the room. He tells her that he's on his way to the office and is working on setting up an investigation into Nichole's kidnapping. After he leaves, Serena dresses and pours the contents of the antiseptic bottle over her bed. Later, June steps out of her room and sees wisps of smoke, she senses something is wrong. Going downstairs, she notices light coming from Serena and Fred's bedroom, so she opens the door and sees Serena facing her burning bed. Sensing that the whole house is about to burn down, she beckons to Serena and reaches out to her. Serena takes her hand and June leads them out of the room; on the way Serena asks Rita to leave quickly. As June leaves the house, it continues to go up in flames.

In Canada, the police officers lead Emily through a hospital corridor. Emily meets Dr. Chung, who welcomes her and promises that she will take care of her and the baby. Emily accepts the treatment, and as they continue down the corridor the doctors and nurses applaud her bravery.

Back in Gilead after the fire at the Waterford house, June is taken back to the Red Center where the Aunts request penance. She is taken into a room to accept her punishment.

In Little America, Luke rushes to the post office with Moira hot on her heels. He receives an envelope, inside is a picture of Hannah. Luke is relieved that she is safe. Emily appears behind him with Nichole, telling him June saved her life.

June is punished by scrubbing floors in the Red Center, the soles of her feet battered. A Handmaid with a bucket slyly lets her know that Emily and Nichole made it safely to Canada, giving her some hope. While in the dormitory, Aunt Elizabeth tells June to get her things and is driven to a new house - Commander Lawrence's. June promises him that she won't be any trouble.



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  • "I Don't Like Mondays" by the Boomtown Rats


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