Nick and June is a theme page that provides resources about the relationship of Nick Blaine and June Osborne.

Season 1 Edit


We should have driven away
Nick drives Offred home and there is a black van waiting. Offred is interrogated by an Eye and Aunt Lydia about her knowledge of Ofglen. Offred eventually reveals she knew Ofglen was gay and is beat by Lydia with a cattle prod. Serena intervenes yelling at them to stop because Offred is pregnant. Nick goes to see Offred in her room to check up on her and they share an intimate moment.


Scene from Jezebels:
Under His eye, Guardian Blaine
Serena Joy returns from her mother's house the next morning. As Nick brings her bags through the kitchen, Offred notices Nick's aloofness and asks if she can seem him later. When he says he doesn't want to see her anymore because it's too dangerous, she demands a reason stating that if she indeed is murdered for her actions, at least someone will remember her. She mentions that she knows nothing about him and he tells her that his full name is Nick Blaine and that he is from Michigan, but that is all. Offred leaves the room upset.

Season 2 Edit

The WordEdit

Nick and June hear Nichole downstairs so both of them go to check on her. Rita is holding her but gives her to Offred. Offred in turn gives her to Nick. She tells him to look at what they made and that she loves him.
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