Neil is a character in The Testaments. He was the Canadian adoptive father of Daisy.

Appearance Edit

Neil had a beard that was going gray and wasn't always trimmed. He didn't have much hair.

Story Edit

Neil came to adopt Daisy, a girl from Gilead considered the legal child of Commander Fred and Serena Joy - and the biological child of Offred and Nick.

Neil and his wife Melanie ran a clothing store on Queen West, Toronto, called The Clothes Hound. He handled the invoices, accounting, and taxes of the store.

Neil and Melanie lied to Daisy about her parentage and birthday to protect her. Daisy's "kidnapping" had been made an infamous case in Gilead, with prayers for "Baby Nicole" to be returned being commonplace. Neil and his wife were car-bombed and killed by Gilead agents on Daisy's supposed sixteenth birthday for their involvement in Mayday and the Underground Femaleroad.

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