Mr. Whitford is a minor character in televison adaptation of The Handmaid's Tale. He is the escape agent of June Osborne's family.

Before Gilead Edit

June's mother, Holly, performs a vasectomy on Mr. Whitford a few years after such procedures were made illegal. [1].

After the takeover Edit

Whitford helps June's family escape to Canada because he thinks he still owes June's mother. He hides June, Luke Bankole and Hannah in the trunk of their car and drives them to a secluded cabin near the border. Mr Whitford tells them he still needs to grab Canadian passports for them, because U.S. passports "don't mean shit no more". Before he leaves, Mr. Whitford teaches Luke how to shoot a gun, which he is clearly uneasy about. June and Luke later learn from a local hunter (whom Luke and June encountered earlier that day) that Mr. Whitford was caught by the Guardians and hanged from a street lamp in town.[1].

References Edit

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