Moira, do not let them grind you down.
June adjures Moira not to give herself up.[1].

Moira's escape is an event in the series adaptation of The Handmaid's Tale.



When Commander Fred and Offred visit Jezebel's again, Fred orders the prostitute Ruby (Moira) for Offred as "surprise" since last time he noticed they looked friendly to each other. Moira is furious that Offred is back at the club and part of the resistance. She refuses to get "Rachel's Package" for Offred, claiming not to know a "Rachel". Offred isn't able to retrieve the package when she's at the club, they return home[1].


Moira is seen killing one of her customers in the club, putting on a uniform, and driving off in one of the black cars owned by the government.[1]. She manages to escape to Ontario, Canada, ending up in a refugee camp where she is given clothes, a phone, money, and food. Luke comes and finds her there and she bursts into tears when they are reunited.[2].


Offred is later seen going to the supermarket where she orders some meat. The butcher slyly gives her the secret package that she was supposed to retrieve at Jezebel's, with a note from Moira attached[1].

In Little America, Moira moves into an apartment with Luke and Erin [3]


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