Mexico, officially the United Mexican States, is a country in the southern part of North America, located to the south of the Republic of Gilead. In the Season 2 finale, it is revealed that Mexico doesn't share a border with the Republic of Gilead as the southern and western United States are still firmly in the hands of American loyalist forces opposed to Gilead. It eventually comes to border the independent Republic of Texas.

Story Edit

Mayday plants false sightings of Baby Nicole in Mexico to put Gilead agents off track.

Government and society Edit

Women play a prominent role in Mexican society, as evidenced by the appointment of a female ambassador, Mrs. Castillo, to the Republic of Gilead. Apparently, the country, like the Republic of Gilead, has been suffering from a fertility crisis.  Mrs. Castillo tells Offred that it has been six years since any healthy children were born in her home city of Xipica (there is a strong possibility Ambassador Castillo was lying to Offred about Mexico having a fertility crisis as to keep the Mexican government trade delegation's mission (i.e. spying on Gilead for the US Government-in-exile) a secret). As a result, Mrs Castillo, and possibly other members of Mexico's government, are intrigued by the Gileadean concept of Handmaids, even considering implementing such a practice in Mexico as well.[1]

There is strong evidence that the Mexican government still supports the U.S. Government-in-exile and have been secretly providing the Americans with vital information on the current state of Gilead's government, society and economy[2]. For instance, the Ambassador's assistant Flores was able to gain sufficient personal information about Commander Waterford's Handmaid to spot her husband in exile[1], which she had revealed only to the Mayday network (via Ofglen).[3] Since Mexico and Gilead don't share a land border (as evident in the Season 2 finale), there's a strong possibility that the Mexican government is supporting American loyalist forces in the southern and western United States by providing military aid.

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