Mexico is a country in the southern part of North America, located to the south of the Republic of Gilead.

Government and society Edit

Women play a prominent role in Mexican society, as evidenced by the appointment of a female ambassador, Mrs. Castillo, to the Republic of Gilead. Apparently, the country, like the Republic of Gilead, has been suffering from a fertility crisis.  Mrs. Castillo tells Offred that it has been six years since any healthy children were born in her home city of Xipica (there is a strong possibility Ambassador Castillo was lying to Offred about Mexico having a fertility crisis as to keep the Mexican government trade delegation's mission (i.e. spying on Gilead for the US Government-in-exile) a secret). As a result, Mrs Castillo, and possibly other members of Mexico's government, are intrigued by the Gileadean concept of Handmaids, even considering implementing such a practice in Mexico as well.[1]

There is strong evidence that the Mexican government still supports the US Government-in-exile and have been secretly providing the Americans with vital information on the current state of Gilead's government, society and economy[2]. For instance, the Ambassador's assistant Flores was able to gain sufficient personal information about Commander Waterford's Handmaid to spot her husband in exile[1], which she had revealed only to the Mayday network (via Ofglen).[3]

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