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  • Asnow89 wrote:
     About the videos- I love your idea of theme video pages! Let me know if you need any backup help with that :) ...

    Hi Ari:

    How did you like the last season? I thought it's time to brief you about some expansions I've made in the meantime.

    Finally, I've picked up the thread to our above-mentioned consideration: Among other "Relationships"-related theme pages (and with some technical help from 'Sponge-Chris'), the article Joseph and June now embeds videos provided by Hulu's Facebook account that just cover aspects of the  relationship in question. How do you like it?

    Additionally, I've set up a new navigation tree (via Gilead Guide|Narrative Themes|Relationships ...) to reach topic-related pages of that sort, and started referencing those pages from the "Notes" and "Trivia" sections of the episode articles (via templates, see e.g. Witness).

    Let's hope some readers get the idea (and mood) and button in to work up story content...populating the Community section with some easy-to-read instructions will be the next task for me, I suppose. And finding a spot on the front page to blog-post the progressing state-of-the-art.

    Still the new theme pages look a bit "naked" - maybe I can ask you to find me some pictures to illustrate them? That would be awesome.

    Glad to hear your thoughts!


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    • Hi Martin!! Thnak you for sending the update and checking in!

      AHhh I loved the last season- seriously cried in the season finale, it was so good! And so intense!! Already can't wait for next season. How did you like the ending?

      Love all your updates! The relationship pages, navigation tree, all of it! Well done.

      Just so I fully understand- where exactly do you want these photos for the theme pages? And what kind of photos are you looking for?

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    • Oh yes, the season finale was emotional indeed. And, you know, by decorating a plot depiction by appropriate screenshots you can save a lot of the "magic" of these moments  for the readers (Imagecaption: Rebecca and her father's emotional reunion  (Reunions)  /  (Literary techniques/Reunions)...). One of the reasons I contacted you.

      For a start, just populate the infoboxes with screenshots somewhat related to the page topic or to one of the summarized plots. Say, a photo with June and Ofmatthew (Natalie) together on the "June and Natalie" page, Eden's (or another) bible on the "scripture" page.... and no hurry .

      All infobox types should have "image" and "imagecaption" attributes, let me know where not.

      Does this answer your question?  Hope you share some of my thoughts.

      PS: I activated the "Watercooler" forum in the Community area (Gilead Guide/Community). Maybe a good place to share some quick thoughts about technical stuff like, say, poorly decorated pages, mazy navigation, template issues ...

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    • ooh ok I see, gotcha! I will try to find some time to help out with filling those pages with images. The next few weeks are a bit crazy with work but I will try to check in and report back when I get some free moments :)!

      Ooh the Watercooler forum is new to me actually- I will have to check that out! sounds like a good place to post technical concerns.

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