Maggie is a character in The Handmaid's Tale. She is a Martha who serves in the household that adopted Rebecca (under the new name Kiki).





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Kiki and Maggie flee from Lexington on foot and arrive at the Lawrences where June leads them inside the house. Beth and Sienna are upset that Maggie brought the child before dark. Maggie asks if it is Mayday and June confirms this is the case.

Maggie panics and says she wants to leave because the plane is taking too long. The other Marthas try to convince her otherwise. Maggie says that her mistress is understanding and kind but Beth points out that she drugged her mistress and that the Eyes will be after them. Maggie wants to tell the truth but the Marthas tell her that she cannot leave. June walks upstairs and retrieves a hidden pistol from under a bed. She forces Maggie to stop at gunpoint, warning that she will shoot her if she tries to run. Maggie lets Kiki go and runs out. June pursues her and tries to shoot her but the woman escapes into the bush.

Janine later refers that Maggie was arrested.



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