Loaves and Fishes is a food store in Gilead where Handmaids, Marthas and Econowives buy daily supplies. Like all the other food stores available, its items are actually exchanged by Tokens instead of money.

The store has a wooden sign of a smiling fish with eyelashes. It is named for Christ's miracle described in Matthew 14:17 of expanding five loaves and two fish to feed a multitude of hungry people.

In the novel, Offred mentions the store rarely opens now, because the seas have become so polluted that few fish still live in them. It is mainly supplied by fish farms. Loaves and Fishes doesn't sell loaves despite its name: most households bake their own bread or get limited options at Daily Bread, a different food store.

Trivia Edit

  • In the TV series, Loaves and Fishes was filmed at the former site of Deninger's Foods of the World in Burlington, Ontario (it has since moved to a new location).
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