Lena is a character in The Handmaid's Tale. She is a diplomat in the Swiss delegation .






Mattias pours June a glass of water before leaving her to speak with the Swiss team. When the Swiss team asks her how she wants to be addressed, June chooses her birth name. She agrees to speak if the guards leave the room. June tells the Swiss diplomats that she is the child's mother and insists that Nichole stays in Canada. Sofia says she understands her feelings but that the situation is complicated.

June tells the diplomats that Fred is not the child's father, which the Swiss already learned from their associates in Canada who told them about an audio cassette. June asks if Nichole can stay there if that is what both of their parents want. Mattias explains that Gilead is a powerful country that Canada wants to avoid antagonizing. June asks what she can do to guarantee that Nichole remains in Canada.

Lena asks for intelligence about Gilead. June offers to put them in contact with a Commander, hinting at Nick. Mattias is doubtful this will succeed but June says that she will persuade Nick. Sofia asks if she is still in a relationship with Nick. June says it is complicated. Mattias says that if "Commander Blaine" talks with them it will help them to protect Nichole. He tells June to bring them Commander Blaine and they will have a deal. June shakes Mattias’ hand before leaving.

The following day, June is surprised to see Lena at the Winslow household. Lena tells her that they are recommending that discussions continue. June is opposed to the idea of bringing Nichole back to Gilead and upset that Nick Blaine won’t be part of the discussions. Lena replies that she does not know who Nick is and who he was. She says that their research indicates that he is not to be trusted. June offers to talk to Nick but Lena tells her that he has left for Chicago. When Fred and Serena arrive, Fred asks Lena if she wants to see the tape of the footage but she replies that she will wait for the finished product.

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In Canada, Lena is seen interviewing Emily. Gilead has furnished the Swiss diplomatic team with details of Emily's crimes including her vehicular assault on a guard. Emily acknowledges running him over. She also acknowledges stabbing her supervisor Aunt Lydia in the back and throwing her down a staircase during the night of her escape.

Sylvia defends Emily's actions due to the suffering and torture she went through under Aunt Lydia. Lena reassures Emily that she does not enjoy asking these questions. She asks Emily if she committed any criminal actions. Emily answers in the affirmative. Later, Sylvia reassures Emily that she doesn't care what Emily did in Gilead and that she does not have to deal with it on her own. Emily insists she is fine and walks away.




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