Leah is a recurring character in the first, second, and third seasons of the TV Series. She is a Wife and friends with both Serena Joy and Naomi Putnam. According to Naomi, she is opinionated.[1]

In the present Edit

Season One Edit

"Birth Day" Edit

Leah attends to Naomi Putnam while she acts out the birth of her Handmaid Janine's child. She gathers around the food table with Serena Joy and Caroline, and asks June about the progress of the birth. She speaks in a condescending manner to June and urges Serena Joy to offer her a cookie, over the objections of Caroline.

"Late" Edit

Leah visits Naomi along with Serena Joy and several other Wives, shortly after the birth of Charlotte (whom Naomi names Angela).

"A Woman's Place" Edit

When a delegation from Mexico arrives in Gilead to form a trade deal, Leah attends a welcoming ceremony for Ambassador Castillo at the home of Commander Waterford and later attends a banquet in honor of the delegation.

Season Two Edit

"Other Women" Edit

Leah attends Serena Joy's baby shower alongside Naomi and several other Wives.

"Seeds" Edit

Leah attends the Prayvaganza in which numerous Guardian, including Nick, are issued with Econowives. She is seated with Serena Joy, Naomi, and various other Wives.

"The Last Ceremony" Edit

Leah attends to Serena Joy while she acts out the expected birth of her Handmaid June's child; ultimately, however, the birth does not occur, since June is experiencing false labour.


Leah's presence at Commander Waterford's welcoming meeting for the Mexican ambassador implies that she is the Wife of Commander Chambers, since four Commanders (Chambers, Deeds, Waterford, and Putnam) and four Wives (Serena Joy, Naomi, Leah, and one unnamed Wife) are seen during the meeting.[2]

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References Edit

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