Kyle is a minor character in the TV series. He is a former Guardian who escapes the Republic of Gilead and became a refugee in Canada.

Before Gilead Edit

Almost nothing is known about Kyle's life before the rise of Gilead, except that he attended college and served in the United States Army as part of a logistics and rapid deployment force.[1]

After the Takeover Edit

In a conversation with Moira, Kyle reveals that his unit was conscripted as Guardians in the aftermath of the takeover. Within a week, his unit was responsible for hanging the bodies of gender traitors, one of whom was a man Kyle dated in college.[1]

In the Present Edit

Kyle eventually escapes Gilead and arrives at a refugee center in Canada, where Moira acts as his initial case worker. She refers him to the trauma counselors at the center and assures him that "it gets easier."[1]

References Edit

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