June is the first episode of the second season of The Handmaid's Tale.


Offred reckons with the consequences of a dangerous decision while haunted by memories from her past and the violent beginnings of Gilead.


Offred, along with other handmaids, is taken to an abandoned baseball field, quickly revealed to be a deserted, run-down, but very much still recognizable Fenway Park. There there are scaffolds erected with nooses. Each handmaid is given a noose and the lever is pulled. Instead of dropping down completely and breaking their necks, the platform only drops a few feet. It was all just a scare tactic set up by Aunt Lydia in order to give them a lesson that they'd remember.

In a flashback, June is still living with her husband and daughter. She asks Luke to sign a form so that she can pick up her birth control prescription. As she's leaving, she suggests that she doesn't pick it up and surprisingly, Luke agrees. They kiss before June leaves to take Hannah to school.

The handmaids are all forced to sit in the rain with their hands extended while holding a rock. Aunt Lydia walks around electrocuting them but stops when she is informed of Offred's pregnancy. Offred is removed from the exercise and taken inside to get dry. Aunt Lydia, excited about the prospect of a new child, goes and rings the bell.

Aunt Lydia offers Offred a bowl of soup but she says she isn't hungry. She tells her that they are going to take care of her while she's pregnant just as long as she's a good girl. Janine is mentioned and Aunt Lydia tells Offred that she was sent to the colonies. To show her what will happen if she continues to be defiant, Aunt Lydia takes her to see another pregnant handmaid, Ofwyatt, who is chained to a small living space. Offred decides that she is hungry and is taken back to the cafeteria. There the other handmaids a brought in soaking wet and forced to form two straight lines. Aunt Lydia takes them one by one and chains them to the stove. She burns their hands as punishment for their defiance.

In a flashback, June is called away from work to go pick up Hannah, who was running a fever, from the hospital. There she is asked a bunch of questions about her capacity as a parent.

Offred is taken to be examined by a doctor. Commander Fred and Serena Joy are there with her. They are shown their child on the monitor and Serena kisses Offred's forehead in thanks. Offred is left alone and begins to put her shoes on when a key falls out from her boot. The key gets her into the stairwell and she follows red marks that lead her down into a long tunnel beneath the facility. At the end, there is a refrigerated truck loaded with hogs waiting for her to take her away from this place.

Serena eavesdrops on her husband as he tries to find Offred. She goes up to Offred's old room and sits on her window sill.

In a flashback, June has taken Hannah home from the hospital. Luke is waiting for them and they learn that there was an act of terrorism on the capital. There was also an explosion at the White House and martial law was declared.

When the truck stops again, a butcher leads her into an empty corporate building and asks her to stay until someone comes for her. Nick is there waiting. He tells her to get out of her clothes and to cut her hair. She takes off her clothes and burns them along with the locks of hair that she cut off. She uses the scissors to remove the tag from her ear. She is finally free.



"You will love the lord, thy god, with all your heart. You shall walk with him and fear him. Cleave onto Him. And you shall obey his word, and the word of his servants here on Earth. Or you shall feel the pain of his judgement .For that, is love. Let this be a lesson to you." —Aunt Lydia



  • The presence of the butcher (who already revealed himself to June as Mayday member in "The Bridge") at June's escape confirms Nick's  contacts to the resistance (which had been speculated about).
  • The U.S. government before Gilead has started to restrict birth control, here by demanding third-person approvals for prescriptions, which June doesn't seem to see as encroach on her (corporal) self-determination. The government had already banned vasectomies ("The Other Side").

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