June will be executed. Offred has an opportunity.
Aunt Lydia offers to desist from penalties in exchange for a noiseless rejoining[1].

June's third escape attempt is an event in the series adaptation of The Handmaid's Tale. June tries to flee from Gilead with help from Nick and the Underground Femaleroad.



To prevent losing June's (and his) unborn child to the Waterfords, Nick uses his contacts to the resistance to devise an escape plan to get June out of Gilead.


"June" Edit

June is taken to the hospital for an examination. After it is completed, she is left alone and begins to put her shoes on when a key falls out from her boot. The key gets her into the stairwell and she follows red marks that lead her down into a long tunnel beneath the facility. At the end of it, the butcher is waiting for her with a refrigerated truck loaded with hogs to take her away. When the truck stops, he leads her into a garage at Back Bay where Nick welcomes her.

"Unwomen" Edit

A courier moves June to a safe location, which reveals to be the home of the Boston Globe newspaper, where June harbors for two months.

"Baggage" Edit

June is dropped off at another location and told that someone would be along to get her soon. Omar suddenly shows up and tells her they're going to smuggle her by plane into Canada. When he gets an alert that the "safe house" he's to take her to isn't safe, he takes her to his home instead. The next day, his family leaves to go to church, telling June that they'll be back. As the family doesn't return on time, June dresses in one of Heather's outfits and leaves the apartment. She finally makes it to the plane and gets on board. Just as they go to take off, the plane is shot and they are forced to stop. The pilot is executed and June is recaptured.


June is taken back to the Red Center, where she is re-tagged and returned to the Waterfords. Visibly interested in containing flurry, Commander Fred points to the "tremendous effort" it took to save June from her “kidnapping” at the hands of an "insidious terrorist network." On a walk by the river, Aunt Lydia shows June the corpse of Omar at the Wall. She informs June that his wife became a handmaid and the son was given away, never to be seen by his mother again. Alma reveals to June the resistance is now "done helping Handmaids"[2].


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