June's tape is an item in The Handmaid's Tale (TV series).


Unknown CallerEdit

The Waterfords show up at the Lawrence household and ask an initially reluctant June to call Luke and ask him to agree to meet the Waterfords in Canada. Only when June learns it is essentially Serena's personal request to see Nichole, she eventually agrees.

June phones her husband and reassures him that she and Hannah are both OK. She then tells him to bring Nichole to meet the Waterfords at the Toronto airport the next day. Luke agrees to see "not him, just her." The call cuts off as June is telling him she loves him.

Mrs. Lawrence later mentions to June that Joseph wooed her via mixtape back in college and she’s still got all of these tapes in the basement. June finds the tapes and starts recording messages on it.

At her parents’ house, Serena gathers photos of her as a child and a necklace bearing a biblical verse and puts it in a casket. She just has enough time to slip a covert package from Rita into her bag before Fred shows up to say it’s time to catch the flight to Canada.

A wary Luke won’t shake Serena's hand she extends to him, cradling a sleeping Nichole to his chest. Only when a crying Serena points out it was her to let Nichole go because both June and her wanted a better life for her, he pockets the casket with the necklace that Serena offers him.

Later in Canada, Luke pops a tape into a Walkman, listening to the opening bars of “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing.” But after a moment, June’s voice cuts in. She lets Luke know Nichole's real name, Holly, and that of her biological father, and that Nick helped her to survive. Then she promises her husband that she’s trying to get to Hannah, and that she loves him.

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