June's clipping wall is a wall in the editorial office room of the Boston Globe facility, where June pinned clippings (collected from pre-Gilead newspaper issues) about Gilead's origins as well as its creators, the Sons of Jacob[1].

Readable contentEdit

In the aftermath of Americas bloodiest day

Another Night Of Protests

Old-fashioned group raises new hopes

Martial Law Still in Effect Following Terror Attack

NATIONAL STATE OF EMERGENCY DECLARED: We will not rest until the bad guys are found

A nation paused: Military steps in for [?] government

Still no arrests in attack on gay nightclub

“WE’RE DOING THIS FOR YOUR PROTECTION”: Remaining privacy sanctions lifted


In the abandoned Boston Globe facility, June is seen listening to a recording of an interview with an early "Sons of Jacob" member and digging through newspapers cutting out clippings. She pins the clippings to a wall under categories like 'Origins of Gilead', 'Power Structure', 'Militarization', and 'Curtailment of Civil Rights'. Staring on an article under the latter category, she 'tells' the clippings in a voice-over "You were there all the time but no one noticed you"[1].


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