Joseph and June is a theme page that provides resources about the relationship of Commander Joseph Lawrence to his Handmaid June Osborne ("Ofjoseph").

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"Women can be useful"
When June enters the study, which is now full of commanders, she is surprised to see Nick sitting among them. The men are discussing a "shipment" of females from Chicago bound for the Colonies. As a discussion about the difference in gender abilities comes up, Lawrence mocks June's former profession as book editor and then commands her to fetch Charles Darwin’s "The Descent of Man" from his bookshelf. She retrieves the book in question and kneels to give it to him, and he dismisses her remarking "Women can be useful".


Scene from Witness: He could be a hero. But will he be?
After everyone has left, June meets Lawrence in the kitchen where he passes her a packet of birth-control pills. He then promises to get her a truck to get his wife out of Gilead. June suggests him to come along bringing some stolen children of Gilead with them, which makes Commander Lawrence consider to become a hero.


Scene from Liars: Can't get a mouse out
June is surprised to see that Commander Lawrence has returned. June is angry that Lawrence reneged on her promise to help her because she has made certain promises. Lawrence tells June that his wife is more important to him. He confirms that he was unable to get out due to the stricter authorizations. Lawrence admits that he cannot get a truck out and that the authorities are closing in on him. Lawrence promises to keep June away from the Colonies and to find her a kinder Commander.
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