This article refers to the Episode 8 of the TV series. For the secret brothel, see Jezebel's.

Jezebels is the eighth episode of the first season of The Handmaid's Tale.



Offred sits on the bed as Nick sleeps, trying to remember her husband Luke. It becomes evident that they both care for each other a great deal.

In a flashback, we see Nick in career counseling, only to get in a fight with another customer. After he is thrown out, the career counselor (Pryce) invites him out for coffee. After Nick tells him about his brother and the hard times they've had, the career counselor tells him about a religious group he is part of called the Sons of Jacob that wants to "clean up" the country.

Offred returns to her room and is surprised to find Commander Fred Waterford waiting for her with gifts including makeup, a revealing dress and high heeled shoes. After shaving her legs and getting dressed up, the two, driven by Nick, head to a surprise destination. Disguised as Serena Joy Waterford, Offred slips by guards

Again in flashback we see Nick, presumably in his new job, driving Mr. Pryce, Mr. Waterford and another Son of Jacob (Commander Guthrie). The three men discuss women's roles and The Ceremony in the new society they want to build. They finally agree to pass this concept to the "Committee". When asked for his opinion on this "handmaid issue", Nick replies that the three men's idea was right as "not to form attachments" will be "better for everyone". This also marks the first time Nick meets Mr. Waterford.

Mr. Waterford, Offred and Nick enter the back of a building, meandering through hallways and elevators, finding themselves in Jezebel's, a secret brothel/sex club well-to-do men frequent. Visibly shaken, Offred sees Moira across the bar. Having to hide the shock, Offred excuses herself to the women's restroom and finds Moira. The two have an emotional reunion, but Moira is shooed out by a superior. Moira tells Offred to find her later.

In the kitchen of Jezebel's we see Nick doing business with the kitchen maid Beth by order of the Eyes, exchanging alcohol, harden herbs and various prescription drugs. Beth offers herself to Nick sexually, and he turns her down, noticeably upset.

In a flashback, Nick and Rita discover the previous handmaid hanged herself in her room. Nick quickly tries to cut the rope and gets her down but only to find that she is already dead. As the body is carried away, Serena Joy asks Mr. Waterford "What did you think was going to happen?"

Reunion with Moira (Relationships/June and Moira)

Mr. Waterford and Offred are in a hotel room and Mr. Waterford tells Offred all about his current frustrations and fears and makes advances towards her. Offred silently cries as he advances on her. Later while Mr. Waterford is sleeping, Offred sneaks down to see Moira. Moira tells her about her escape, the last time they saw each other, and how she found her post at Jezebel's. After insisting that they can't escape, Moira shuts Offred down and sends her away.

In a flashback we see Commander Guthrie being led by two guards into an office building of the Eyes. Nick reports to a pleased Commander Pryce that Guthrie has been sleeping with his last two handmaids and is skimming from the transportation budget, according to his aide and his Martha. Pryce then reminds Nick to "be chiefly reporting on the activities of his own Commander" and laments at the "loss" in the Waterfords' household. He concludes "We are going to clean up Gilead, son".

Under His eye, Guardian Blaine
 (Relationships/Nick and June)

Serena Joy returns from her mother's house the next morning. As Nick brings her bags through the kitchen, Offred notices Nick's aloofness and asks if she can see him later. When he says he doesn't want to see her anymore because it's too dangerous, she demands a reason stating that if she indeed is murdered for her actions, at least someone will remember her. She mentions that she knows nothing about him and he tells her that his full name is Nick Blaine and that he is from Michigan, but that is all. Offred leaves the room upset.

On her way up to her room, Serena Joy stops her and gives her the gift of a music box with a ballerina spinning to Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. Offred uses the key to carve "You Are Not Alone" next to the Latin message in the closet.



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  • Justin Landry as Pushy Job Seeker
  • Damien Howard as Checkpoint Guardian
  • Christian Lloyd as Commander Guthrie
  • Kirsten Johnson as Aunt
  • Adrian Griffin as Commander Davidson
  • Evgerny Akimov as Commander
  • Charlie Riina as Handmaid
  • Nora Sweet-Underhill as Wife
  • Natalie Turner as Call Girl
  • Mike Jackson as Commander





  • Pryce says to Nick "You are not alone" in their first private conversation (outside the career center). Offred later carves the same sentence in the closet wall.

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