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This article refers to the brothel. For the episode of the TV series, see Jezebels.

Jezebel's is the name given to several different brothels and sex clubs where certain women are sent to work as prostitutes under the Republic of Gilead. The women sent to Jezebel's are usually rebellious women who are offered the choice between Jezebel's and the Colonies. The prostitutes include former women, sociologists or women like Moira, who escaped the Red Center. Some women find working as a prostitute or 'Jezebel' as preferable to dying a slow, painful death from sickness and hard labour in the Colonies, especially as they are allowed access to forbidden items such as make-up, alcohol, drugs, books and more. They are also allowed to engage in sexual activity with each other - with Moira even stating it's encouraged as a 'turn-on' for their patrons - which suits lesbian or bisexual women well enough (homosexuality is usually punishable by death as 'Gender Treachery' under Gileadean law). However, they are still degraded and treated as sexual objects rather than people; they must engage in sexual acts with club's patrons whether they want to or not, being banished to the Colonies if they are deemed too troublesome.

Jezebel's usually caters to foreign diplomats and the like, though also to Commanders. Jezebel's is not officially approved of by the government, as it clearly violates every law and value that Gilead upholds, though it is 'unofficially' sanctioned, as Gilead 'accepts' that men 'have needs', and it is good for international diplomacy. Only a few Commanders know of Jezebel's; it is forbidden for other women, such as Wives and in particular Handmaids, to be brought there.

The Boston Jezebel's is located in a former hotel, which Offred recognizes as one she went to years ago, when she started an affair with her future husband Luke[1]. There is also a rural Jezebel's in Pennsylvania, located in a country manor.[2]


The Jezebel's in Boston is cleaned and shut down after the death of High Commander Winslow. Nearly all the employees are killed, although some of the Jezebels are moved to other establishments.

A Jezebel's in Pennsylvania becomes a target of June Osborne during her missions as a Mayday agent. She uses nightshade from Esther Keyes to spike the drinks of the Commanders. Nine of them are hospitalized, and six of them die.[2]



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  • The name Jezebels likely refers to the Biblical Jezebel, a vain and manipulative Queen of Israel who was married to King Ahab. She encouraged her husband to turn from God, persecuted followers of God and committed various other acts of evil. In the end, the people rebelled and threw Jezebel from a window to her death, and her corpse was torn apart and eaten by wild dogs. Jezebel is often associated with false prophets and 'fallen women', in particular prostitutes. In modern times, the name or word 'Jezebel' is sometimes associated with or directly refers to a woman regarded as being promiscuous, immodest or morally bankrupt.
  • In the series, Jezebel's was filmed at the Royal York Hotel in downtown Toronto.


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