Isaac was a recurring character in the second season of the TV Series. He was a Guardian stationed at Commander Waterford's house.

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When Commander Waterford summons June and Rita to the living room to inform them of his travel plans, he introduces Isaac, who has been assigned to the house to protect it and its occupants in the absence of the Waterfords and Nick.

Some time later, Isaac is escorting June and Janine on a shopping trip. When Janine starts talking loudly, Issac orders her to be quiet and refers to her as "unwoman," referring to her prior status as a prisoner in the Colonies. When Janine replies that she and June are having a conversation and tells Isaac to "suck [her] dick". Isaac then hits her in the mouth with his gun, knocking her to the ground. He then roughly escorts June home.

When June and Isaac return home without any shopping, Rita questions Isaac about what she is supposed to make that night. When he curtly tells her that the shopping trip was cut short, Rita backs away and begins to prepare whatever is still in the house. He then sends June upstairs for a nap and begins talking to Eden about the strawberry jam she is making.

"The Last Ceremony" Edit

Eden takes out the trash and runs into Isaac. They share a kiss as Nick watches from the balcony. Eden realizes this and runs up to the house to apologize. He says not to worry about it and Eden asks why he doesn't care that he just caught her cheating on him. He doesn't say anything and Eden realizes that he likes June. Nick tells her that he'd never get involved with a handmaid. She realizes that he just doesn't love her and starts to cry.


Isaac’s small crush on Eden turns into a strong love, so much so that he is willing to risk everything to escape Gilead with her so the two can be together, an unusual turn of behavior for the seemingly subservient Guardian. Unfortunately, he is caught along with Eden before they can escape, and Isaac is charged with desertion while Eden is charged with infidelity. Isaac, instead of pleading for mercy as ordered to save his life, chooses to die with his lover, giving her an emotional look before the two are pushed into a swimming pool, where they drown and later die.

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